Successful aging essay

July 8, 2019
successful aging essay

Genetics can be regarded as one of the determinants of successful aging. Evidence indicates that successful aging remains a multifactor trait impacted on by several genes and environmental factors. Based on the absence of consensus on the precise definition of successful aging, it has become hard to establish estimates.

  successful aging among older adults essay 1976 words 8 pages.

Sample essay on successful aging as old age comes in, the aged are countered by limitations that exclude, condemns and puts on them a burden of stigmatization. Successful aging comes in to counteract the biological view of old age that condemns old people to weak body system that cannot take part in any vigorous physical exercise and is always open for infection.

Successful aging june 28, successful aging can be defined as the ability to keep in place three key goals, in life. Moreover, these goals include low risk of disease and all disabilities resulting from disease, high, mental capabilities, functioning and active engagement in everyday life (galligan 1).

Aging successfully happens everyday for millions of individuals. Two examples of successful aging are the golden bear, jack nicklaus and mr. Both of these fine athletes have continued the legacies into their later life and continue to show how to age successfully.

The concept of successful aging is also termed as super aging or optimal health, was coined by rowe & kahn in 1987. Fundamentally, successful aging elderly illustrates neither usual aging (a gradual decrease in biological and psychological functioning) nor pathological aging.

  where successful aging research conceives of health advantages and disadvantages as the results of individual responsibility, buoyed by media narratives of aging winners and losers (rozanova, 2010), it thus fails to acknowledge social relations of power, environmental determinants of health, and the biopolitics of health inequalities.

  a common (and problematic) definition of successful aging.

  theory of successful aging internal criticism adequacy the floods theory of successful aging (flood, 2005) was developed to addresses a nursing theory for care of the older adult regarding to the lack of nursing theory that offers clearly delineated guidelines for care of aging.

In the article, hooyman contends successful aging performances were associated with those that had fewer chronic health issues, better self-rated health, were highly educated, financially stable, and had strong support systems compared to elders that did not process such attributes (hooyman &.).