Personality analysis essay

July 8, 2019
personality analysis essay

Personality analysis michelle jose argosy university june 15, 2015 personality analysis personality is the dynamic organization of characteristics that blend or make a person unique and though in his or her appearance or reasoning.

The learning theory of personality has four different theories that are a part of the learning theory of personality. The first theory that is a part of the learning theory of personality is behavioral analysis by b.

Skinner stated personality as at best a repertoire of behavior imparted by an organized set of contingencies (skinner, 1974, as cited by feist & feist, 2009).

The word personality is a derivative of a latin word-persona whos meaning is mask (ewen, 2003). Personality analysis can therefore be referred to as the comprehensive investigation of all the aspects relating to personality. For many years people have tried to explain behavior as well as what it is that makes a person.

Personality analysis melissa ledom psychology 405 may 31, 2010 instructor sarah lind personality analysis introduction psychologist in addition to philosophers have researched, studied, tested, and analyzed theories dealing with behavior and personality.

At some point in time every person looks towards himself and assesses his or her personality. For me personality is what makes a person unique from others, and his behavior in dealing situations are defined by his trait (lahey, 462).