Can robot replace human essay

July 8, 2019
can robot replace human essay

They may have steadier hands, but arent capable of connecting on a human level with patients. Robots are unable to show compassion like people do and should never be able to replace us when it comes to human interaction. Hire an expert essay writer from this essay writing website (they can write your essay from scratch).

Many people hold the opinion that robots will replace humans in the future. On the other hand, other people have a conflicting view that robots cant do many of the jobs that humans do today because robots only repeat the same task all the time and have no ability to think.

6292015 robots are evolving into humans artificial intelligent, a phenomenal human creation, which will soon replace humans in near future. Day by day, robots are getting smarter and better at learning human interactions, emotions, and feelings. Robots are going to take over the world by invading every aspect of peoples lives.

  to sum up, robots may be getting smarter however, in my opinion, they will never completely replace humans in the workplace. Of course, there are sectors where only robots can be employed.

  and it is estimated that robot intelligence can be increased by 1 to 1. In ten to fifteen years robots could be as intelligent as 80 of the human population. Robots are designed to manufacture and assemble machines, and robots are machines.

Figuring out whether a certain job will be replaced by robots often takes the form of two questions will robots be able to do that task? And are those robots cheaper than their human counterparts? And if the answer is yes to both, then chances are that job will get automated in the near.

Robots will transform, not replace, human work claims that robots will steal our jobs are commonplace but humans will find themselves working side by side with robots, rather than being.

Patrick, you write robots cannot and will not be able to replace humans - their intelligence(s) (consciousness spirituality) are ever deep, great and will evolve. Good post! Perhaps you should add that although it is possible to program a robot to follow logical steps in arriving at a decision to act or not,.

  robots are good at routine things, but cannot innovate like people can. Machines are excellent at carrying out routine tasks, but only people can think out of the box.