Can i use the same essay for different colleges

July 8, 2019
can i use the same essay for different colleges

Some colleges will ask for different prompts, in which case youll just have to write another essay to submit. You want to make sure each essay you submiteven if youre reusing itis tailor-made for the college youre applying to.

Can i use the same essay for more than one application? Yes, as long as you fully answer the question.

If there are requirements that match, you can use the same essay twice as long as you do not have the name of the college in the essay, according to college countdown. Since applying to college can be such a stringent and stressful process, the common application is becoming much more popular.

Some colleges might pass your file onto another college if they dont think you are a good fit for their school.

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Its your essay, you are the author, so you can use it for any college you want. You can also use it (whole or parts) for some scholarships applications, awards nominations etc, if they require an essay and the topic is similar.

I dont see any reason why you shouldnt feel free to use the same essay for different colleges-- just make sure you just change specifics! (harvard will be unhappy if your essay talks about how much you love mit!) a lot of schools encourage you to re-use essays or parts of essays because there is so much writing involved with applying to colleges.

Can i use the essay i first applied with, or is it a different one? If i can, will it look bad if i use the same essay? Edit two more questions. Students who have applied but never matriculated) must submit a new application. Applicants who have been denied admission must wait one full.

Can you use the same essay for different scholarships? Close. Its the same thing, packaged differently, and harder to get.

What this means is that you can use the same essay that you submitted for one scholarship fund and submitted it to another (or three). If the prompts are similar enough, all you have to do is change up a few words to make sure its tailored to the proper audience.